Life Friendly Lash Extension Series: Glam Girl

One of the best things about NovaLash eyelash extensions is their customizability. If you’re looking for a dramatic, glamorous lash style, NovaLash American or London Volume is for you. Read on to learn why NovaLash is the best choice for your next set of mega-volume lash extensions.

Damage-free Volume Lash Extensions

Not all lash extensions are the same, and one of the biggest concerns about getting high-volume lash extensions is the effect they’ll have on your natural lashes. Mega-volume extensions require a lash professional to glue several extension fibers to each natural lash. NovaLash’s physician-developed training courses teach lash artists to assess how many fibers your natural lashes can safely support. Each set is completely customized to the client, so you can rest assured your natural lashes will remain healthy.

Enjoy Year-Round Lash Extensions

Once you get lash extensions, it’s hard to go back. But, many lash extension brands urge you to take periodic breaks to avoid damaging your natural lashes. With NovaLash, you can safely wear lash extensions year-round while maintaining the health of your natural lashes. This is because NovaLash adhesive is the only lash extension glue in the world that’s specifically formulated for use on the human body. NovaLash combines lab-tested products with a specialized technique that works with your eyelash’s growth cycle, rather than against it. This allows your natural lashes to thrive while wearing lash extensions full time.

Compliment Your Lash Extensions With Any Type Of Makeup

Have you ever been told to avoid oil-based makeup products and remover while wearing lash extensions? There’s an easier way. NovaLash’s lash extension glue is immediately oil-proof, which gives you complete control over your beauty products. In fact, the main ingredient in NovaLash’s aftercare kit is pomegranate oil, which keeps your lashes and the glue soft, supple, and beautiful for an average of 6 weeks! NovaLash’s unique adhesive even allows lash extension clients to wear extension-friendly mascara to touch up lashes between appointments. If you love trying new makeup and ensuring your lashes look on-point at all times, it’s NovaLash or nothing.

Add Even More Glam To Your Lash Extensions

Adding some extra glam to your eyelash extensions is easy. Ask your NovaLash artist about adding Candied Lashes® to your next set. Perfect for the holidays, special occasions, or to add an extra sparkle to your everyday life, you can fully display your personality with sophisticated, sparkly lashes. If you’re looking for even more of a pop, try NovaLash’s line of extension-friendly products, including 24 hour cream shadows, eyeliner, and mascara. With so many options, the hardest decision you’ll make is what look to choose next.

Achieve A High-End Look With A Low-Maintenance Routine

NovaLash was created to make people look and feel their best while shaving time off their daily beauty routine. London Volume and American Volume extensions provide a glamorous look while making your life easier. NovaLash extensions are immediately waterproof, sweat-proof, and oil-proof, which means you can do just about anything while wearing them. By following a simple, daily aftercare routine, you can easily showcase your elegant style. 

If you’re looking to add even more volume, length, and glamor to your eyelashes, try NovaLash. When using NovaLash’s technique and products, your lash extensions will be damage-free, last up to three times longer than the leading competitor and give you unparalleled control over your makeup and beauty routine. Find a trained NovaLash professional near you today!