About NovaLash

Sophy Merszei - WS​NovaLash was founded in 2004 by biologist and cosmetic chemist, Sophy Merszei, as she pioneered the very first distribution and training network for eyelash extensions outside of Korea. With the help of a team of physicians and scientists from the University of Houston and Baylor College of Medicine, NovaLash was able to produce the safest products and techniques. NovaLash is committed to providing safe options for beautiful eyelash extensions to enhance an individual’s natural beauty. Armed with considerable research and a commitment to product superiority, NovaLash has developed award-winning adhesives and cosmetics. Our Eyelash Extensions are available in thousands of salons and spas worldwide and we offer global training options by some of the most experienced lash artists in the world.

Texas TDLR for HB 2727

Sophy Merszei is an awarding winning biologist and cosmetic chemist who pioneered the industry to provide lash artists with a trade. She testified and led the way with Texas TDLR for HB 2727 (eligibility for eyelash extension specialty license).

Regarding House Bill 2727 on April 5, 2011, House of Representatives Committee on Licensing and Administrative Procedures, the below is an excerpt from the Testimony of Sophy Merszei, CEO & President of NovaLash, Inc.,

“We believe that our industry is in a similar position that manicurists and other specialty service providers were during the emergence of their industries, in need of recognition that they are providing a stand-alone service, through specialty shops, for which a specialty license would provide easier access to employment and job growth, as well as better training to ensure consumer safety. At the same time, we ask that the bill be developed so that the many technicians and our competitors in the field today who have been serving Texas women are all treated fairly. Texas is in a position to set the standard that other states will follow and to foster this new industry that will create so many new opportunities. In conclusion, I just want to say that we need HB 2727 because without it we’ll be governed by rules that aren’t really designed for our industry.”​


Section 1602.2571. Eligibility for a Specialty License in Eyelash Extension Application. (a) A person holding a specialty license in eyelash extension application may perform only the practice of cosmetology defined in Section 1602.002(a)(12). (b) To be eligible for a specialty license in eyelash extension application, an applicant must:
  • (1) be at least 17 years of age;
  • (2) have obtained a high school diploma or the equivalent of a high school diploma or have passed a valid examination administered by a certified testing agency that measures the person’s ability to benefit from training; and
  • (3) have completed a training program described by Section 1602.2572 that has been approved by the commission. NOTE: ACTS 2011, 82nd LEG.; HB 2727, Section 9(b) and SB 1170 Section 29(b) reads:
A person is not required to hold a specialty license in eyelash extension application issued under Section 1602.2571, Occupations Code, as added by this Act, until June 1, 2012. Section 1602.2572. Eyelash Extension Application Training Program.
  • (a) An eyelash extension application training program must include at least 320 hours of classroom instruction and practical experience, including at least eight hours of theoretical instruction, and include instruction in the following areas:
  • (1) recognizing infectious or contagious diseases of the eye and allergic reactions to materials;
  • (2) proper sanitation practices;
  • (3) occupational health and safety practices;
  • (4) eyelash extension application procedures; and
  • (5) eyelash extension isolation and separation procedures.
  • (b) An instructor at an eyelash extension application training program must comply with Section 1602.251(b).
  • (c) The commission shall adopt rules regarding eyelash extension application training programs and may establish or designate approved training programs.
Section 1602.258. Eligibility for a Specialty Certificate (a) A person holding a specialty certificate may perform only the practice of cosmetology defined in Sections 1602.002(a)(2) through (4). (b) To be eligible for a specialty certificate, an applicant must:
  • (1) be at least 17 years of age; and
  • (2) have the necessary requisites as determined by the department in the particular specialty for which certification is sought, including training through a commission-approved training program.