LASHoff Contest


2019 marks the 15th anniversary of NovaLash

LASHoff, held by NovaLash, is the eyelash industry’s first annual contest for eyelash stylists. 2019 marks the 8th year that NovaLash will award this amazing and highly coveted honor to the most talented stylists. It is held by NovaLash to promote top Lash Stylists and Salons from around the world to help further develop their business.

LASHoff Winners

  • LASH Artist of the Year
  • Fan’s Choice of the Year
  • Classic Winner
  • Volume Winner

How LASHoff Contest Works

  • ALL entrants must submit a video AND still images for judging.
  • Finalists will be chosen and announced.
  • The finalists will be judged by a Professional Lash panel for Lash Artist of the Year, as well as promoted for Fan’s Choice voting. (Starts December 1st, 2018)
  • Lash Artist of the Year will be chosen by the panel of judges. They will review the videos AND still images.
  • Fans’ Choice will be chosen by the people. The same finalists’ still images (not their videos) will be published for the fans to vote.
  • The judges will look for who has the “best” set of lashes, who applies them correctly and separates, what products they use, what they teach their clients, and their overall spokesmanship. BE ORIGINAL! BE CREATIVE! HAVE FUN!


ALL winners may have the opportunity to:
  • Receive 20% discount on NovaLash products. *
  • Automatically become a Brand Ambassador for that year
  • Marketing, Advertising and PR opportunities to help their business
  • Photo shoot opportunity
  • Travel to tradeshows and other events
Lash Artist of the Year also will receive
  • Over $25,000 in cash, prizes, advertising, marketing, and travel with NovaLash
  • A spread announcing the winner in a national magazine
Fans’ Choice also includes
  • Over $10,000 in cash, prizes, advertising, marketing, and travel with NovaLash
* Excludes Dry Heat Sterilizer and AirNova. Can not combine with other discounts or sales.


  • Submission starts Nov. 1, 2018
  • Submission ends Nov. 30, 2018
  • Fan’s Choice Voting Dec. 2018
  • Finalists Announced Dec. 2018
  • Winners announced at LASHoff- Houston, TX Feb. 8, 2018


Winners will be flown to Houston for the annual NovaLash LASHoff party. A celebration will be held in their honor, as well as NovaLash’s award ceremony. Guests will consist of past LASHoff winners, media, celebrity stylists, and industry influencers who have helped pioneer NovaLash in its journey as the safest eyelash extension company in the world.