LASHoff Contest


LASHoff is the eyelash industry’s annual contest for eyelash stylists. 2018 marks the 7th year that NovaLash will award this amazing and highly coveted honor to the most talented stylists. It is held by NovaLash to promote top Lash Stylists and Salons from around the world to help further develop their business. The contest also elevates awareness for both stylists and the public on proper application techniques and how a proper set of lashes should look.


The contest judges are comprised of an elite and highly experienced group of Advanced Master stylists, education professionals, and industry insiders. Our own CEO, Sophy Merszei is also very involved in the decision making process as well. The Judges will factor skill, technique, application, and overall spokesmanship.
Beauty Launchpad Executive Editor Alyson Osterman-Kerr
Alyson Osterman-Kerr is the executive editor of BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD magazine, where she has spent more than a decade immersed in the professional beauty industry celebrating artists and their innumerable talent. Alyson is responsible for directing the content of the publication in both print and digital platforms, where she presents what’s trending in the beauty industry; collaborates with artists and brands on photo shoots and unique campaigns; and serves as a judge for national and international beauty competitions.
Modern Salon associate editor Jamie Newman
Jamie Newman Jamie, a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, is the associate editor of MODERN SALON and SALON TODAY. Jamie has been at MODERN since 2015, managing the hair color, skin care and cosmetics, nails, and celebrity sections for the magazine and online.
Eyelash Magazine Editor in Chief Karie L. Foster
Karie L. Frost is the editor-in-chief of EYE LASH MAGAZINE, and has more than 16 years’ experience writing about all facets of professional beauty—from makeup to hair to nails, and now lashes and brows. She’s helped launch several magazines, including Beauty Launchpad and Nail It!, and has been tapped by beauty brands, like Wella and Redken, for her expertise. Frost’s career focus has been to bring a fashion- and trend-driven edge to the professional beauty industry via photo shoots and stories that forecast what’s happening on the runways and translate these trends for pros so that they can be at the beauty forefront for their clients. Her belief: No matter where you live, if you stay a step ahead, you’ll never fall behind.
Managing Editor Lauren Rees
Lauren Rees As managing editor of, Lauren and her team create innovative content that brings the industry’s top education to stylists working every day behind the chair. Working closely with the social media team, Lauren and the editorial department develop strategies for how to connect with BTC’s massive online following and share education and inspiration from top stylists and educators. She’s a familiar face at industry events, photo shoots and competitions. Based in Chicago, Lauren is a definite beauty junkie (she owns over 100 shades of lipstick) and loves this industry!
NovaLash VP of Global Education Sophia Navarro
Sophia Navarro VP of Global Education of NOVALASH, Inc., is Licensed Esthetician and former makeup artist is one of the most recognized names in the lash extension industry. She is credited with the development, improvement and promotion of what is now known as The Navarro Method. Ms. Navarro began working as a freelance makeup artist 25 years ago. After attending beauty school in Houston, she continued her studies in New York. Ms. Navarro is the inventor of many widely used tools and techniques and is co-owner of the exclusive lash extension studio, THE LASH COMPANY, since 2007 and travels globally as Master Trainer for NovaLash Inc.
NovaLash CEO Sophy Meszei
Sophy Merszei President and CEO of NOVALASH, Inc., is a cosmetic chemist and molecular biologist. She is co-owner of The Lash Company in Houston, Texas. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she was raised in Germany and Italy and now lives in Houston. She studied at the University of Southern California, UCLA, in Berlin, Germany, and later entered a Ph.D program in Molecular Biology at the University of Houston. She was the first entrepreneur to create a global distribution network of eyelash extension products and training outside of South Korea, and the first to formulate a biocompatible, medical-grade adhesive produced in an FDA-inspected facility. She has international patents issued and pending for innovative lash extension products. She championed the first legislation mandating proper education and training for lash technicians through the Texas State Board of Cosmetology.
NovaLash Global Trainer, Zachary Falb
Zachary Falb has been involved in the beauty and cosmetic industry for over 9 years, focusing on education from creating and developing employee training programs to designing product training and education for major cosmetics companies across the US, UK & Europe. Zach’s passion for training and love of beauty goes hand in hand with NovaLash’s mission to provide superior education for lash artists around the world. Working out of the corporate office in England, Zach is at the heart of NovaLash’s training and customer support program, which is beneficial for his students. Zach is certified to teach NovaLash Classic and American Volume courses.

How LASHoff Contest Works

  • LASHoff has two winners – LASH Artist of the Year and Fans’ Choice of the Year. With ALL entrants competing for the coveted Lash Artist of the Year.
  • ALL entrants must submit a video AND still images for judging.
  • Finalists will be chosen and announced.
  • The finalists will be judged by a Professional Lash panel for Lash Artist of the Year, as well as promoted for Fans’ Choice voting.
  • Lash Artist of the Year will be chosen by the panel of judges. They will review the videos AND still images.
  • Fans’ Choice will be chosen by the people. The same finalists’ still images (not their videos) will be published for the fans to vote.
  • The judges will look for who has the “best” set of lashes, who applies them correctly and separates, what products they use, what they teach their clients, and their overall spokesmanship. BE ORIGINAL! BE CREATIVE! HAVE FUN!


Lash Artist of the Year and Fans’ Choice may have the opportunity to
  • Automatically become a Brand Ambassador for that year
  • Marketing, Advertising and PR opportunities to help their business
  • Photo shoot opportunity
  • Travel to tradeshows and other events Lash Artist of the Year also will receive
  • Over $25,000 in cash, prizes, advertising, marketing, and travel with NovaLash
  • A spread announcing the winner in a national magazine Fans’ Choice also includes
  • Over $10,000 in cash, prizes, advertising, marketing, and travel with NovaLash


Winners will be flown to Houston for the annual NovaLash LASHoff party. A celebration will be held in their honor, as well as NovaLash’s award ceremony. Guests will consist of past LASHoff winners, media, celebrity stylists, and industry influencers who have helped pioneer NovaLash in its journey as the safest eyelash extension company in the world.