Have a Little Candy for the Holidays

Lash Tutorial by Michelle Mirizio

It’s official! You have permission to enjoy a little candy for the holidays. Our Candied Lashes®️ are truly a feast for the eyes, and Michelle Mirizio, NovaLash Brand Ambassador, Trainer, and owner of Let’s Talk Makeup, knows how to cook a look just in time for Santa.

“I used Candied Lashes by NovaLash in Butterscotch and Cinnamon Toast. These hand-dipped and crystallized lashes are full of glimmer and shimmer. They come in 10 delicious colors and are 14 millimeters each,” Michelle explains. She used 25 to 30 individual LASHcandy®️ extensions on each eye, but the glamour didn’t end at the lash line. Using NovaLash 24-Hour Cream Shadow Triptychs in EarthlyDelights, Michelle created a full face and wearable look that highlighted the entire eye area. “I used the JETliner in oak for eyeliner, lip liner, and contouring. I also used the shadows for highlighting the cheeks and lips.” The care and thought Michelle puts into each client shows. She believes every lash appointment is an opportunity to connect with her clients and give them that custom glimmer and shine they’ve been wanting in their lives!

Watch Michelle in action. Then recreate the Look.  

Candied Lashes Tutorial by Michelle Mirizio

After Michelle dips a single LASHcandy®️ extension in adhesive, she isolates a single natural lash and is ready to place the extension.

Michelle isolates a single natural lash and positions the LASHcandy®️ extension.

With careful movement, Michelle swipes the candy extension that has been dipped in adhesive onto the natural lash – making sure to coat the natural lash to ensure retention.

Tip Alert: “I always hold my isolation for a second or two in case I have to adjust the extension” – Michelle Mirizio

Michelle applies NovaLash 24-Hour Cream Shadows for refinement. 
“I chose Earthy Delights to finish off my holiday look. You can contour and highlight with this triptych. The Oak JETliner that comes in this kit can be used for eyeliner, lipliner, and for contour and blush!” – Michelle Mirizio

Michelle applied 25-30 Candied LASHES®️ per eye and you can certainly use more or less she says. Michelle always checks underneath her work using the NovaLash Reflector, just to be sure everything is tip-top and to snap a picture for Instagram of course – @letstalkmakeup