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Raylene Cravens 2019 LASHoff Winner

We recognize our best lash talent each year in our annual LASHoff event which also showcases our dedication to promoting NovaLash and our talent globally. This year Raylene Cravens was named 2019’s Lash Artist of the Year.

Here is Her Winning Video

NovaLash LASHoff 2019

2019 marks 15 years of NovaLash or nothing. At this year’s LASHoff Awards, we celebrated this milestone and honored our top stylists, trainers, and distributors for their years of commitment to eyelash extensions at a Quinceañera Party. Raylene Cravens of Lash by Lash in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma took home top honors this year as LASH Artist of the Year! “The quality of NovaLash’s products is why I chose NovaLash. It’s science baby! Also, the education as well as the support. I absolutely love all the love we give each other at NovaLash – the support is unreal. No other company compares to NovaLash and I have been with them for 8 years and still, nothing compares! It’s NovaLash or nothing.” – Raylene Cravens

“My career dream came true! If you really have a dream go for it! Work hard and put yourself out there. It’s worth it especially with a company like NovaLash. I’m so honored to be named the Lash Artist of the Year. I really wanted to show the world my passion for lash extensions but not just any lash extensions, NovaLash extensions! The world’s best and safest lash company.” – Raylene Cravens “Raylene Cravens is a standout lash artist with impeccable business attributes that are to be admired. She always goes above and beyond to help other lash artists and is always a true NovaLash supporter. Her technique and attitude are flawless, making her our 2019 Lash Artist of the Year.” – Sophy Merszei, CEO/Founder of NovaLash
Raylene’s Story

I discovered NovaLash almost 9 years ago. It was the best thing that happened to me. I found my love. I’ve been a cosmetologist for 11 years, and in my 2nd year of cosmetology, I saw in the back of a magazine a small ad for eyelash extensions. I went home that evening and saw a small bit on E! News about eyelash extensions. So, I got on my computer, googled eyelash extensions, found NovaLash, and read they were having a class in my town in about 2 weeks. It was my destiny. Shortly after my class, I quit hair and have only been doing NovaLash eyelash extensions. After a few years, I took Sophia Navarro’s Advanced Class. I went home to practice my new advanced skills and grew even more. In June 2015 I took the 1st NovaLash Advanced American Volume class in Las Vegas also with Sophia Navarro. That was a game changer! Creating a damage free full volume look was the ultimate dream. After building a pretty large clientele I decided to build Lash By Lash and opened in June of 2017. That fall I became the trainer for NovaLash for the state of Oklahoma. It was so exciting that my studio could be exclusively NovaLash. I really wanted to offer high-quality products in a very upscale studio with the best-trained staff. I couldn’t believe I achieved my dream of becoming a trainer with NovaLash. My second dream was to become a Brand Ambassador and LASHoff finalist.

With amazing education and training behind me, I decided to put myself out there more so I applied for NovaLash Brand Ambassador. I was named 2017 semifinalist. It really helped my social media and I noticed it gave me a small platform. The following year I applied again for Brand Ambassador and the LASHoff contest. I was named 2018 Brand Ambassador and LASHoff semifinalist. I loved that it gave me a platform to share my love for NovaLash as well as to inspire other artists, and I really enjoyed the creative aspect of making videos. The 2018 winner, Tonje Fjeldberg-Elshaug, really inspired me! So, when I applied this year I wanted to show that NovaLash eyelash extensions were not just seasonal luxuries. By that I mean, not just for one time of the year and that you can wear them all year-long in every season! NovaLash extensions are mainstream – they’re everyday lashes for everyday women. I really love sharing my NovaLash knowledge and that’s why I wanted to become the Lash Artist of the Year. So I kept going and became the 2019 NovaLash Lash Artist of the Year and Brand Ambassador! My dream came true and now I have a bigger platform to inspire others and share my knowledge of NovaLash.

“Don’t give up on your dreams. Keep going!”– Raylene Cravens