Which Lash Extensions Are Right For You?

Black and White image of woman's eye and eyelash

Every lash extension set is different based on the individual’s unique eye shape, bone structure, and lash goals, but there are a few standard styles your lash professional will work off of. To meet your needs (and give you a look for every occasion) NovaLash offers classic and volume extensions. In this blog, we’ll review the differences between each style and how to choose which one is best for you.  

Classic Lash Extensions 

NovaLash’s Classic lash extensions give you the appearance of wearing mascara by adding length and some fullness to your lashes. To achieve this look, your lash professional will apply a single eyelash extension to each of your natural lashes. Classic lash extensions are perfect for: 

Example ofClassic Eyelashes


Volumized Lash Extensions 

To add more drama, fullness, and fluffiness to your lashes, ask your lash professional about volume extensions. Volume extensions add multiple extensions to each natural lash, which fills out your lash line and achieves a dense and dramatic effect. Volume extensions are perfect for: 

  • Individuals who want to add fullness and volume to their look 
  • Lash extension enthusiasts who want bigger, more dramatic lashes 
  • People who want to minimize their makeup routine (volume extensions can replace mascara and eyeliner) 

American Volume Lash Extensions

American Volume lash extensions create fullness and volume. To create this look, your lash professional will place several extensions onto each natural lash. This gives you the look of a fuller, thicker lash line, similar to wearing volumizing mascara or a lash strip. 


Example of American Volume Lashes


London Volume Lash Extensions

Calling all glam girls! London Volume extensions create the thickest, fullest, and most volumized look on the market. These extensions are thinner than American Volume, which allows your lash artist to place even more extensions onto each natural lash. The result is fuller, denser, and more dramatic than American Volume. 


Example of London Volume Lashes


How Do I Choose A Lash Extension Style? 

If you’re still not sure which lash extension style is right for you, talk with your lash professional. NovaLash stylists are trained to create lash sets that will compliment your unique facial structure and enhance your features. Your lash professional will also look at the length, fullness, and health of your natural lashes to determine which style will work best for you. 

Are you ready to find which lash extensions are right for you? Find a stylist near you today to get started!