Want To Become A Lash Artist?

Here’s What You Need To Know

Lash artists now boast the highest profit margin of any salon or spa service, even after accounting for product pricing. Given the high demand for this popular service, lash stylists can enjoy an impressive career with significant earning potential. If you work in the beauty industry (or are a soon-to-be esthetician or cosmetologist) and are interested in becoming a lash artist, here’s what you need to know about this up-and-coming career choice.

Classes Are An Investment In Yourself

Lash extension classes can be pricey, but don’t let the cost stop you from pursuing this profession. In reality, well-trained and practiced lash artists can make up their training cost with as little as 6 to 8 paying clients, depending on their city’s cost of living. By investing in high-quality training, you’ll learn the top skills and techniques to launch your career. Plus, you’ll network with lash professionals who can show you the ropes. At NovaLash®, our hand-picked trainers teach you top lash techniques and give insight into how to build your business.  

The Company You Train With Matters

While there are many lash companies out there, you shouldn’t train with the first one you find. Do your research to understand what each company’s training courses entail and how their products and techniques will help you stand out in the competitive lash industry. With NovaLash® training, you’ll learn how to use our award-winning products and tools to achieve beautiful lashes that last twice as long as the industry average  – and can be completed in almost half the time. Value differentiators like this can make the difference in the longevity of your future lash business. Look for companies that:

  • Provide training with a skilled lash professional, who can become your mentor
  • Offer business-building tips and advice
  • Give lots of hands-on practice
  • Use safe, formaldehyde-free adhesive and lash extensions

Practice Makes Perfect

Okay, you’ve signed up for your class, you practiced with your trainer, and you’ve received your certificate. Ready to start charging customers and earning your investment back? Not so fast.

After your training, you should wait until you can perfect a set of lashes in two hours (the NovaLash® standard) before charging your full price. By practicing until your craft is perfect, you ensure you start your business on the right foot. Think about it: if you charge full price before you’re ready, you run the risk of giving your client a subpar experience. In that case, chances are the client won’t be coming back…or recommending you to a friend. In fact, she may even recommend people avoid your business. No one wants to launch their business while fighting off bad press, so make sure you’ve perfected your craft before you start charging.

It’s Not Just A Job

Once you’ve perfected your technique, it’s time to step into your new role as a lash artist. Many lash artists enjoy success partnering with salons or spas. Other lash artists transform their training into their own business, where they can control pricing, scheduling, and their client list. No matter which path you choose, NovaLash® will support you every step of the way. With access to marketing materials, new products, ongoing skill development, and advanced education courses, you’ll be able to continue growing your career to new heights.

Are you ready to start an exciting, lucrative career that changes peoples’ lives? Sign up for a lash certification course near you!