Time Management Tips For Lash Professionals

woman explaining time management tips

As a lash professional, you must balance client appointments, scheduling, social media promotions, and more. With all that on your plate, it can be easy to feel like you never have quite enough time. While we can’t add a few extra hours to the day (although we wish we could!), our hope is that by providing you with these techniques, you can improve the time management skills you need to reach your goals.

Prioritize Your Goals

First and foremost, you need to identify and prioritize your goals. Start by choosing three goals you want to accomplish in the next few months. Then, break down each goal into small steps – this will become your master “to-do” list. Aim to do at least three things from your list every day until you accomplish a goal. Then, start the process over with new goals. By defining your goals and outlining the steps to get there, you’ll be able to better manage your busy schedule and ensure that you’re moving forward daily.

Stop Multitasking

Did you know that doing two things at once is less productive than focusing on a single task? In fact, frequent multitasking can make it more difficult for you to complete tasks successfully, which, in turn, may increase the amount of time spent on each individual task. Instead of spreading your attention between multiple tasks, try focusing on one assignment and don’t allow yourself to move on until it’s complete. You’ll be in more control of where you want to direct your attention, therefore increasing your ability to focus while decreasing the time you spend on your to-do list!

Set Boundaries

As a lash artist, you may feel like you should be constantly connected to your phone in case a client needs to cancel, book a last-minute appointment, or has a lash emergency. Set boundaries with your clients, including when and how they should communicate with you. By establishing designated hours for communication with clients , you ensure that you are able to focus your full attention on their needs and concerns. Dedicate time outside of client hours for you to focus on building your business, networking, or spending valuable time with your family and friends.

Automate What You Can

If you can automate, do it. Whether it’s setting up your bills to go on autopay or investing in an appointment scheduling service, taking care of the little things can save hours of your time. Plus, you can save your mental energy for the important things, like improving your skills and offering the best customer experience possible.

Schedule Breaks Between Lash Extension Appointments

This tip may seem counterintuitive, but taking breaks can save you an immense amount of time in the long run. By taking a quick 5-10-minute break between lash appointments, you can reset and refocus for your next client. Brief mental breaks can keep you more focused, help you feel more productive, and may boost your creativity.

Take Time For You

If you’re building your own lash business, you may feel obligated to work every weekend, evening, and holiday. With all that hustle, please don’t forget to take time out for you. By carving out a weekly self-care night or planning days off, you’ll be able to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate. After the break, your body and mind will be ready to provide top lash extension services.

We all have 24 hours in a day, and these time management techniques can help you make the most of yours. By using these tips, you can focus on what’s truly important, avoid burnout, and continue to grow your lash business.