Advanced American Volume Training

Introducing the newest Advanced American Volume Training class for experienced certified lash stylists who want to take the next step in perfecting their current skills and learning new techniques that will grow their business! Soak up Sophia’s tips on classic lashing and learn her technique for creating the voluminous and luxurious lash lines that your clients are begging for. Learn from the Master Trainer and the developer of the 3-length application technique Sophia Navarro. Sophia is the preeminent lash artist, trainer, and innovator of lash products and techniques. Training with Sophia will introduce you to the world of more than one extension per natural lash and Sophia will share many of her trade secrets on how to speed up your application time, business tips, and the how-to of eye cosmetic applications that will enhance your work and the how-to of correct strip lash applications.

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Sophia Navarro
Vice President of Global Education

Sophia Navarro has been a NovaLash extensionist since 2005 and is NovaLash’s international advanced trainer. Sophia started as an independent make-up artist when she enrolled in NovaLash’s 2nd class ever. Within six months she had so many eyelash extension clients she quit make-up altogether and focused solely on lashes. She began developing techniques to increase her speed that are taught worldwide. She has created her own technique for proper lash extensions which is used in NovaLash basic and advanced training courses, as well as for Texas’s state board test for lash licenses. With a waiting list over two months long, Sophia has become a lash extension superstar and has clients flying to Texas from LA, NYC and Miami, including Beyonce.


The Foundation Technique. Glove/ Easy Flaring Technique.
Bottom Volume Lashes.
Multiple 3 length bonding method.
Customizing lashes to fit all eye shapes.
1-6 Step Speed Application Method.
Proper Isolation techniques.
Creative Eye Makeup Techniques.
Proper Curing and Isolation Techniques.


All certified Lash Extensionists who have been:
Applying full sets for at least 6 months.
Applying full sets in 2 hours or less.
Extensionists who received their Certification from another Eyelash Extension Company are Eligible, but may be subject to further qualifications.


The class will start with a quick review of the glue and glue allergies.
Multi detailed step by step instructions on how to customize lash strip application.
Sophia will give her “tips of the trade” for creating the amazing full look she achieves with classic lashing (1 to 1) and tips on how to speed up your time. She will talk about the art of making lashes look beautiful and believable.
Candied Lash application a detailed eyelash strip application technique will be demonstrated.
Hands-on American Volume Technique on both top and bottom lashes will be taught by working on eyelash strips and then You will practice on each other (Please come with clean natural lashes)
Sophia will impart business techniques to help you grow your business and at the end of the session she will demonstrate eye cosmetics that will enhance your client’s look and your work.


The training is $1275 and includes:

  • – A step-by-step training manual including graphics to help you along the way.
  • – NovaLash’s new Platinum Bond Speed Dry Adhesive.
  • – Volume lashes.
  • – Under Eye Stickers.
  • – All essential products and tools needed for use during the class.
  • – Catered lunch.
The class will begin at 10am and end at 6pm. Please note, this will be a fast-paced class full of lots of information. In order to become proficient and fast using the American Volume Technique, will require you to practice, practice, practice after the class. Sophia will always be available for technical support!. Seats are limited and are reserved on a “first come first serve” basis.
Choose a date to pre-register for Advanced American Volume Training
Questions? Contact AAV Training Coordinator, Steve Hofheinz
Phone 713-443-1182


  • STEP 1 - Remove extensions from the American Volume tray.