London Volume

We believe every Elite Lash Artist should be Team NovaLash. So…we are now inviting all *Qualified Classic and Volume Lash Artists out there to apply for our London Volume Online Course!

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*NovaLash corporate office reserves the right to determine eligibility and may deny applications at any time, with or without cause.

Online Training & Kit:

  • Royal Platinum Bond
  • NovaLash STARlite Forceps
  • London Volume C-Curl .03 8mm
  • London Volume C-Curl .03 10mm
  • London Volume C-Curl .03 12mm
  • London Volume C-Curl .03 14mm
  • Adhesive Remover 3cc
  • Gel Patches (10 pairs)
  • 1 sheet of undereye stickers (7 pairs)
  • 1 sheet of parafilm (6 squares)


London Volume Online Training
  • The London Volume online course is self-learning and module based. Learn at your own pace
  • Through the website, students will:
    • Create an account and pay for their course
    • Be given comments and feedback on their submitted lash work by a NovaLash expert, during their case study program


Who can take the London Volume Class?
Stylists Who meet the below criteria:
  • Must have a current Cosmetology or Esthetics License
  • Must be NovaLash Classic certified
    • Not NovaLash Certified? Call us today to learn more about how you can still join this class!


About Royal Platinum Bond Adhesive
  • A lower viscosity means less adhesive can be used to achieve thick and full lashes
  • Very fast drying formula allows lash artists to lash faster and reduces the separation time
  • Suitable for high volume techniques and classic lash extensions

Features and benefits of the London Volume technique:

  • Lashes are oil-proof and instantly waterproof
  • This unique technique allows lashes to look thick and full even as they shed
  • A full set of London Volume extensions can be done in under 2 hrs 30 min
  • Infills are needed every 4-5 weeks (depending on growth cycle, age, medication and activity, infills might be needed every 3 weeks)
  • Infills should be completed in 1 hr – 1 hr 30 min
  • London Volume services should be priced about 10-20% above American Volume services
  • London Volume extensions are safe to wear even though the look is more full, dense, and dramatic than American Volume. This is due to the use of thinner diameter extensions, which create lighter fans

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