No Rules at the Beach!

There will be no worries this Labor Day

Story by Jessica Baird of Color Pins Curls

You work hard, so why not lay back for a beach day. Worried about losing your lash extensions or ruining your makeup? NovaLash customers can’t relate. NovaLash stylists deserve the title of “Best for the Beach”. A set of NovaLash extensions is beach-ready because it’s oil-proof and instantly waterproof and the ‘proofs’ don’t stop there. NovaLash has makeup and other products to accentuate your extensions. So what are you waiting for?

Rest assured with NovaLash

Lashes and image by Josephine Blankstein
The oil-proof and instantly waterproof NovaLash Platinum® Bond Series adhesives are ready to go right after your appointment. Beachy lash babes can hit the waves without worry this upcoming Labor Day! You’ll look fabulous in person and in your pics. And NovaLash has another trick you can hide up your sleeve. Not just for stylists, pick up a miniMr – Ultra-fine Water Mister and take it with you to mist yourself off if you feel your skin needs a little refresh outdoors or just to add a subtle, hydrating “dewy” look to your complexion. This easy to use and portable mister will save you from the heat. Get some bang for your buck with NovaLash 24 Hour Cream Shadow Triptychs available in beautifully assorted kits or individually (5 kits and 15 gorgeous colors in all). Just ask your stylist to add it to your order after your next lash appointment. Applying the shadows along with NovaLash JETLiner, eyeliner pencils will keep you stunning all day because both are waterproof, sweat-proof, and smudge-proof! So go ahead and enjoy the heat. NovaLash makeup will take your beach selfies to the next level with different looks recommended in each palette’s packaging.
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