Life Friendly Lash Extension Series: First Timer

If you’ve never had eyelash extensions before, you probably have a lot of questions. Will they look natural? Do I need to take any extra precautions following my appointment? Will my natural lashes be damaged? NovaLash is committed to helping clients fully understand lash extensions and connecting clients to lash artists that can deliver beautiful extensions while maintaining the highest standards of health and safety. Read on to learn more about what it’s like to get eyelash extensions for the very first time. 

What do I Need to Know About Getting Lash Extensions for the First Time? 

Not all Lash Extension Products are the Same 

These days, lash extension companies are popping up everywhere. However, not every lash extension company produces the same quality of products. Most lash brands use industry-grade adhesive (or glue that bonds the extension to your natural lash). This type of adhesive isn’t made for use on the human body and can have negative effects, like irritating your eye or even stunting the growth of your natural lashes. NovaLash is the only lash company that produces and uses human-safe adhesive and lash products. In fact, NovaLash is the only lash brand in the world to pass toxicity testing and openly share the lab test results for each of our lash products.

Choose your Lash Artist Carefully 

Since NovaLash is the safest lash extension brand on the planet, choose a lash artist who exclusively uses NovaLash products. Before starting your appointment, make sure you ask your lash professional to see the products they’ll use during the service. If it’s not NovaLash, use NovaLash’s Find a Stylist tool to find a NovaLash certified professional near you. 

Customize your Lash Look 

Many first timers are concerned that their eyelash extensions won’t look natural. NovaLash offers several types of lash looks, ranging from our natural, classic style to dramatic, mega volume lashes. Some lash professionals specialize in one look or the other, so talk to them about their experience and ask to see examples of their work. Communicating about the style you want is the best way to ensure you’ll leave your appointment loving your new lashes. 

NovaLash Extensions Last up to 6-8 Weeks 

Once you get your first set of lash extensions, chances are, you’ll be hooked. The good news is that thanks to NovaLash’s physician-developed training course and science-based application technique, your NovaLash extensions can last up to 8 weeks – four times longer than the leading competitor. This means you can enjoy your new, luscious lashes for longer – and save some cash, since you won’t have to go in for touch ups as often. 

There’s No Downtime with NovaLash Extensions 

Unlike other lash brands, NovaLash extensions don’t require any downtime or special precautions after your appointment. Once you leave the salon, your lashes will be immediately waterproof, oil-proof, and sweat-proof. Whether you’re headed to the pool, the gym, or just want to follow your normal hygiene routine, your NovaLash extensions will be completely life-friendly. 

NovaLash Lash Extensions are Damage-Free

NovaLash lash artists use specialized products and techniques that complement the growth cycle of your natural eyelashes, making them completely damage-free when applied correctly. This technique also allows you to continue practicing good lash hygiene; eyelashes are made out of hair, and just like the hair on your head, need to be regularly cleaned to maintain health. Since NovaLash extensions are waterproof and oil-proof, you can (and should!) continue to wash and care for your lashes daily. NovaLash even offers an aftercare kit specifically formulated to keep your extensions and natural lashes in the best of health. As a first-time lash client, be sure to ask your lash artist for an Aftercare Kit to reinforce the bond with your extensions and make sure your natural lashes stay as healthy as possible. 

Getting your first set of eyelash extensions can be nerve wracking, but by finding a NovaLash certified professional, communicating about your lash goals, and practicing the right maintenance and care, you can get the lashes of your dreams – without damaging your natural lashes.