How to Take Amazing Lash Extension Photos for Social Media

Example of London Volume Lashes

Social media channels like Instagram are great ways to show off your skills and reach potential clients. Creative, high-quality photos can show off your expertise and personality, while boring or poor-quality photos could send potential clients to a competitor. Take your social media game to the next level by using some of our top tips and tricks below. 

Tips For Photographing Eyelash Extensions 

1. Get Your Clients Excited

You’ll need to get your clients’ permission to take and post their photos online. Worried about feeling awkward? Fight the nerves by getting your clients super excited about their lashes. Tell them how amazing their eyelash extensions look and ask if you can photograph them. Take a few photos and show them to the client so they can see your flawless work for themselves. Most of the time, your clients will love their lashes so much they’ll ask you to send them the photo so that they can post it themselves! 

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2. Clean It Up 

Before taking any photos, make sure your work is picture-perfect by brushing through the lashes and cleaning up fallen extensions or natural lashes. If you tend to rest your hands on your clients’ brows, don’t forget to run a brush through the eyebrows as well! 

3. Use Good Lighting 

The light you use to lash may not be the best light to show off your work, especially if it creates harsh lighting or shadows. Indirect, natural lighting is always a flattering option, since it can brighten up the skin and create a contrast between the skin and lashes. If you’re doing a close-up or don’t have access to a good natural light source, try a ring light with multiple settings. No matter which light source you choose, be sure there’s enough light to allow your camera to focus on the fine lashes. 

Photo courtesy of @estheticsbymallorie

4. Use A Clean Background 

You want the focus of your photos to be the lashes – not anything else! Photos with a busy background can draw attention away from the eyelashes or cause your work to blend into the background. Instead, take photos against a solid background that matches your brand’s style and color scheme. Let the lashes shine with a white or cream background, or evoke a high-fashion vibe by choosing a vibrantly-colored backdrop. You don’t need much space to create a successful photo-op. Buy a backdrop or scope out a place to get indirect lighting, even if it’s outside or down the hall.

5. Play With Angles  

You already got your client’s permission to take photos, so don’t be shy – click away! Taking lots of photos will ensure you capture your best work and gives you a content bank to draw from when your social media channels need some fresh content. To make the most out of each photo op, try out different angles, poses, and depths. Taking photos from every angle (including open eyes, closed eyes, and full-face photos) will show off your technical precision and showcase the joy your work brings your clients. 

6. Get Close  

It may feel uncomfortable to take a photo a few inches away from your clients’ face, but avoid the temptation to back up and zoom in. Zooming decreases the definition of the lashes, which can make it harder for potential clients to see your work.  

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Edit  

Editing your photo before posting allows you to tweak any imperfections and enhance your image, but don’t overdo it. Editing can help you color-correct or change the lighting, but don’t use so many filters that your photo doesn’t look natural. Don’t have photoshop? No problem! You can edit photos directly from the photo app on your Iphone, or use a mobile editing app you like Snapseed or VSCO

8. Mix Up Content Types 

Make your feed pop by regularly posting a variety of content. Switch between close-ups, closed eyes, open eyes, before and afters, full-face shots, and, most importantly, videos! In fact, 93% of brands report they gained new customers because of a video on social media. 

Photo courtesy of @vicicollective

Photo courtesy of @novalashba_ericakelley

9. Tag NovaLash 

Don’t forget to share your pictures with us by tagging @Novalashofficial and using our branded hashtags, #NovaLash and #teamNovaLash. Tagging us gives you the chance to be featured on our feed, which could give you exposure to hundreds of potential clients! Pro Tip: your photos are more likely to be featured if you include NovaLash Under-Eye Stickers, Gel Patches, and/or The Reflector

To give yourself enough time to take, edit, and post incredible client photos, schedule time into your day. Consider adding an extra 10 minutes to certain appointments to give you enough time to snap a few pictures, or block off a few hours per week for editing and planning your social content. With the right time management and photography tips, your social media will work harder for you!