How To Share Tips With Lash Customers

Customer education is critical to maintaining a successful lash extension business. By teaching your clients how to take care of eyelash extensions, you’ll be more likely to retain each customer. Sharing aftercare and other maintenance tips can be difficult, especially if you have a jam-packed schedule. Today, we’re explaining why it’s important to educate customers and giving you top tips on why, how, and when to give advice to clients.

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Benefits Of Educating Lash Extension Customers

Sharing tips with your customers provides several benefits to lash artists, including:

  • Improved customer experience: When clients know how to care for their lash extensions, their sets last longer and their natural lashes become healthier with proper eyelash aftercare. This leads to a better customer experience, which can help you retain customers and attract new clients!  
  • Prevents against bad press: If your client has a bad experience because they didn’t perform the proper maintenance, they won’t be satisfied with the service. Not only could this cause you to lose a customer, but the client may advise friends against choosing you as their lash professional.
  • Increased trust: Educating your customer highlights your experience and knowledge as a lash professional. You should always provide suggestions and recommendations for your lash extension clients, even after they master lash aftercare. Once a client knows how to care for their lashes, suggest other products like 24 Hour Cream Shadows, which are specifically formulated for NovaLash extensions. These recommendations will highlight your knowledge of the industry and increase the level of trust your customers place in you.

How To Share Lash Extension Tips With Clients

There’s no wrong time to educate your customers. Some lash professionals choose to review aftercare right before their session, while others opt to have these conversations during or after the appointment. Figure out what works best with your style and stick to it! By making it a habit to discuss eyelash extension aftercare or other tips at a certain time during each appointment, you’ll ensure every client hears your valuable advice. Seasoned lash professionals have had success sharing tips in the following ways:

Before The Appointment

Performing a consultation is a great way to ensure you understand what the customer is looking for. If you’re working with a brand-new client, the consultation is the perfect time to discuss their desired look and provide recommendations. Understanding your clients’ long-term lash goals can also help you provide additional insight and advice. For example, if your client has short, damaged lashes and wants to improve their health, you can suggest a product like Lash+doctor to compliment your lash extension services.

During The Appointment

Lash extension appointments are relatively long, which provides you with ample time to discuss the health of your client’s natural lashes and give relevant tips. If you’re planning on discussing aftercare or promoting a product you think will benefit your client, speak to them at the beginning or towards the end of the service. This will give your client enough time to listen to your advice without disrupting their “lash nap.”

After The Appointment

As part of your check-out process, you should cover the aftercare process and provide any other relevant information. To help clients remember each step of the aftercare process, consider creating a simple instruction sheet that customers can take with them. Having a reference sheet greatly improves the chances your client will remember aftercare best practices.

Ongoing Communication

Providing tips and advice on an ongoing basis can keep your lash extension services top-of-mind. To maintain regular communication with clients, consider checking in with customers between their appointments and asking if they have any questions or concerns.

Social Media

Social media is a great tool for connecting with your customers and showing off your expertise. In addition to your before and after shots, consider adding a “Tip of The Week” or “Tip of The Month” to your social media feeds or stories. For even more educational content, consider sharing customer-facing NovaLash blogs. Sharing official blogs or your own tips can help you demonstrate your dedication to health and safety while giving valuable advice to current clients. Plus, by highlighting your knowledge and commitment to using the world’s most awarded lash products, you could attract new customers.

No matter how or when you choose to share tips with your customers, be sure to communicate the “why” behind your advice. This can help customers better understand the importance of your recommendations and motivate them to practice aftercare correctly. With the right tips and proper aftercare, you’re sure to have some very satisfied customers!