How To Retain Your Lash Customers

What’s just as important as finding new, high-quality customers? Retaining them! Getting your clients to come back again and again helps you build your eyelash extension business and grow loyal relationships with your clientele. Plus, long-term clients are more likely to recommend you to their friends, which helps you win even more customers. However, customer retention takes more than just a flawless set of lashes, so read on to learn our top tips for achieving a loyal client.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

If you’re a new lash artist, or have recently learned a new lash extension style, make sure to get plenty of practice on your friends and family before offering your service to a paying client. By practicing on trusted people, you can perfect your skills and learn the best ways to make each appointment quick and enjoyable.

2. Provide Good Service

Good service is more than providing your clients with a quality set of lash extensions. Instead, aim to make the entire experience enjoyable. Try not to book back-to-back appointments so you can give yourself enough time to clean your space and start the next appointment on time. When speaking to your clients, stay professional and avoid complaining or gossiping.

3. Make It Special

A good service is the first step in retaining customers, but making the experience special is key to ensuring your customers come back to you. Playing soft music, starting with a quick scalp massage, or adding aromatherapy can set you apart from the rest. The more relaxed, refreshed, and happy your customers are when they leave, the more likely they are to come back!

4. Promote Eyelash Aftercare

When clients can go longer between appointments, they become more satisfied with the service and are more likely to come back. Make sure your work lasts as long as possible by teaching every new client how to take care of eyelash extensions. Consider offering a new customer discount on the NovaLash Aftercare Kit to get them started. Once they see how long their extensions can last with the kit, they’ll be coming back for not only refills, but to buy more aftercare kits, too!

5. Rebook On The Spot

It’s good practice to rebook your clients on the spot by saying something like “Most clients can last 3-4 weeks before needing a refill. How does the week of the 3rd look for you?” If your client is hesitant to rebook right away, make sure to follow up. Send an email or text asking how they’re liking their lash extensions and remind them to make an appointment before your schedule fills up. 

6. Take Client Notes

Take your service to the next level by taking notes after each appointment. Include service details, like the diameters and lengths you used, as well as their preferences, products, or note-worthy news the client shared with you. If your client told you that they just landed their dream job, take note of it and ask them about it at their next appointment. Your good memory will pleasantly surprise your clients and build a long-lasting, loyal relationship with each of them.

7. Keep Learning

Even seasoned lash artists can continue to grow their business and improve their skills. Make yourself even more marketable by staying up-to-date on the latest lash trends and continuing to take courses to learn new techniques. By offering your clients multiple lash styles, they’ll be able to come to you for every lash look, whether it be classic or mega volume.