How To Choose A Lash Glue

4 Bottles of Adhesive Products

NovaLash’s adhesive was the first medical-grade lash extension glue in the world. As our NovaLash family has grown, we’ve developed an entire line of lash extension adhesive to meet every lash artist and clients’ preference and style. In this blog, we’re exploring the best lash glue for different scenarios to help you choose the right adhesive at the right time. 

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Best Lash Glue For Sensitive Eyes 

Clients with sensitive eyes can still enjoy lash extensions using NovaLash’s Sensitive Eyes Lash Adhesive. This low-fume and non-irritating formula is gentle enough to prevent most irritation, redness, or swelling when properly applied. Best of all, this formula is rubberized for extended wear time, allowing clients to enjoy their lashes for up to 4 weeks. 

Best Lash Extension Adhesive For New Lash Artists 

One of the most common issues new lash professionals face is their lash extension adhesive drying too quickly. This makes it harder to perfect your technique, and you’ll also end up spending more money because you’ll need to replace your adhesive more frequently. NovaLash’s Platinum Bond® Lash Adhesive has a slower curing time, which allows you to spend the time you need on each lash set without wasting adhesive. 

Fastest-Drying Lash Extension Glue

Experienced lash artists may prefer rapid curing adhesives since they allow you to work quickly. If you’re a seasoned lash professional that needs an adhesive that can keep up with you, try NovaLash’s  Platinum Bond® High Speed or Royal Platinum Bond® adhesives. Both options allow your clients to go up to 8 weeks between appointments while shortening the time it takes to apply a set. 

Best Adhesive For Volume Lash Extensions 

While you can experiment with several adhesives to find out what works best for you and your clients, NovaLash’s rapid curing adhesives work best for volume extensions. Since Platinum Bond® High Speed and Royal Platinum Bond® dry in seconds, volume fans can be placed and secured quickly, ensuring they remain fluffy and open. 

No matter what NovaLash adhesive you prefer, you can rest assured that you’re using the safest and healthiest lash extension products on the planet. Plus, when you pair NovaLash’s adhesives with our lash extensions, you can create the healthiest, longest-lasting, and most beautiful lash extensions in the shortest amount of time. What’s not to love? Shop our collection of adhesives and lash extensions today!