How Much Lash Adhesive Should I Use?

The quality of your lash extension adhesive not only plays a role in how long your clients’ lash extensions will last, but it also affects the health of your customers’ eyes and natural lashes. NovaLash adhesive allows lash professionals to provide clients with the healthiest and safest lash extension products in the world. To make your NovaLash adhesive last longer (and save you money in the process), we’ve put together some tips on how much adhesive you should use and how to maximize every last drop of glue.   

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How Much Adhesive Should I Use During A Full Lash Set? 

When using NovaLash’s adhesive and parafilm, you should only need about four drops to complete a full lash extension set. Since each drop goes a long way, you can complete more sets and infills with every bottle.  

How To Use Less Lash Adhesive Without Sacrificing Retention 

NovaLash products are meant to be used together to help you get the most out of every purchase. Our revolutionary Parafilm sheets are specially created to preserve your adhesive and prevent it from drying as you apply lash extensions. Best of all, our Parafilm can be conveniently placed on your glove to use as a flat dipping palette. With this efficient technique, you’ll experience a smoother application process, waste less glue, and get the most out of each bottle. 

Tips For Maximizing Your Lash Adhesive 

In addition to using Parafilm, try these techniques to use your lash adhesive more efficiently: 

Use Your Adhesive Often 

Adhesive becomes thicker over time. After opening a bottle, try to use it daily so it doesn’t become too thick from sitting on the shelf. 

Tightly Cap Your Adhesive (Even While You Work!)  

Leaving your adhesive bottle open while you work can cause your glue to thicken quickly. To make your adhesive last longer, tightly cap your bottle while you’re working and when you store it.  

Avoid Overdipping Your Extensions 

You may think using lots of glue may provide better retention, but that’s not the case. Applying too much adhesive creates a slower drying time, increases your chances of clumping, and wastes that liquid gold. 

Watch Your Humidity Levels 

Humidity and temperature changes (even indoors) can affect the thickness of your adhesive during application. The AuraTM can help you monitor and maintain a consistent environment, which speeds up your lashing time and gives you control over the glue’s curing speed. 

NovaLash adhesive is liquid platinum. Using these tips, you’ll be able to use every last drop to create stunning lash sets in record time. To learn more top lash extension tips and get expert advice on how to expand your business, check out our physician-developed Lash Extension Certification and Conversion Courses.