5 Tips For Selling NovaLash Products

cluster image of novalash products

As a NovaLash professional, clients depend on you to give them the gorgeous, long-lasting lash extensions they love. By integrating retail into your eyelash extension business, you can empower your clients to better care for their lashes and accentuate their natural beauty. Even better, selling retail NovaLash products has the potential to increase your revenue by up to tens of thousands of dollars annually. If you’re not in the habit of selling lash products to your clients, don’t worry. We’re sharing the best ways you can sell NovaLash products to grow your business and help your customers look and feel their best.

Learn About the Lash Extension Products

Knowing your product is an essential sales skill. As a lash professional, it’s important for you to fully understand what the product is, how to use it, and the benefits it offers. By learning about NovaLash products, you’ll be able to discuss them with confidence. If you have the chance to sample any products you plan to sell in your eyelash extension salon, even better! Customers respond well to enthusiasm, and your love of the product can speak volumes about the quality and results clients can expect. 

Create Product Displays

Product displays can spark customer interest and encourage conversation about the products you offer. Instead of scattering 24 Hour Cream Shadows, JETliners, or mascara around your workstation or tucking them away in a drawer, proudly show them off in a sleek and professional display. This type of visual merchandising highlights your professionalism and the quality of the product.

Consider Offering Lash Product Samples

Sometimes, offering free samples at the start of a client relationship can set the stage for continual retail purchases. For example, imagine you’re working with a brand-new client who hasn’t had NovaLash extensions before. By gifting them a NovaLash Aftercare Kit and teaching them why aftercare is important, you’ll help them solidify a lash extension care routine. In the future, your client will be more likely to repurchase the Aftercare Kit so they can continue their routine.

Customize Your Lash Product Suggestions

Giving your lash extension clients customized product suggestions reinforces the care you have for your client and demonstrates your knowledge in the industry. By asking your clients questions about their lashes and listening closely, you can introduce them to products that meet their unique needs. Plus, by backing up your individualized recommendations with expert advice, your clients are more likely to purchase.

Retail lash extension products can help your clients enjoy their luxury eyelash extensions while helping you increase your annual income. By customizing your lash product recommendations to your clients’ needs, you can boost your reputation as a lash artist and build increased trust with your clients. If you’re looking for products to sell at your lash extension salon or spa, talk to your NovaLash representative or browse the professional and retail product selections on novalash.com.