4 Products to Improve Your Lash Retention

The NovaLash system is known for giving clients the longest-lasting lash extensions on the market in record time. Choosing the right lash glue and correctly applying each extension are foundational aspects of improving retention, but did you know that several products can also keep your work looking fabulous for weeks to come? Whether you’ve been struggling with retention or just want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to create satisfied clients, these 4 products will help you create the long-lasting lashes your clients expect.

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To Ensure Perfect Lash Extension Fit: Use The ReflectorTM 

Seeing your client’s lash line from all angles is key for creating a better-fitting set of lash extensions. The Reflector’s large mirror is designed to give you 360° views of your customer’s eyelid, lashes, and lash line, all from the comfort of your seat. The ergonomic design allows you to see both the front and back of the lashes at the same time so you can ensure the best fit and fill in any missing lashes. Need another reason to love the Reflector? It makes it incredibly easy to see if the client’s eyes are closed and sealed. This step is crucial to avoiding eye redness and irritation, which, in worst cases, can cause customers to ask for a lash extension removal. 

To Gain Complete Control Over Lash Glue: Use theAuraTM

Issues with lash extension glue drying too fast or slow is one of the most common problems lash professionals experience. Did you know that you can completely control how fast your NovaLash adhesive cures by controlling the temperature and humidity levels in your salon? theAura helps you track your room’s moisture and temperature levels in Fahrenheit or Celsius to create the perfect environment for your preferred application technique.

To Prevent Tacky Glue: Use Parafilm

There’s nothing worse than your lash adhesive drying up while you’re working. Not only will you end up wasting more glue, but if you try to apply lash extensions using adhesive that’s a bit too dry, your client will experience poor retention. Parafilm helps the adhesive retain a dome shape, which keeps your lash glue from drying while you’re working. The power of parafilm, combined with the perfectly-controlled environment you create using theAura, means you can kiss all your lash adhesive issues goodbye! 

To Extend The Life Of Lash Extensions: Promote Aftercare

Of course, practicing aftercare is one of the most important ways clients can make their lashes last longer. Be sure you teach every client how to take care of their lash extensions and keep NovaLash’s Aftercare Kits on hand so your clients can stock up at each appointment. Offering a discount on the kits is a great way to let clients experience the positive effects of aftercare and keep them coming back for me! 

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