3 Common Lash Extension Reactions & How to Avoid Them

NovaLash is famous for our biocompatible products focused on protecting the health and safety of your clients’ eyes and natural lashes. By choosing to use the safest lash brand on the market, lash professionals minimize the chances of negative reactions to the lash extension process. However, some common reactions can occur if you’re not using the correct technique or products. In this blog, we’re explaining why common lash extension reactions happen and what you can do to prevent them in the first place.

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Reaction 1: Red & Itchy Eyes After Lash Extension Application 

The Cause: 

The most common reason why your client may wake up from their lash nap with red, itchy eyes is because their eyes were not fully sealed during the application process. Since the eye is partially open, it may experience irritation from the adhesive fumes. When applying lash extensions, you should check to make sure your clients’ eyes are closed completely before and during the service. 

The Solution:  

Make sure your clients’ eyes are fully closed before applying lashes, and periodically check to make sure the eyes haven’t opened throughout the service. Since it can be difficult to tell if your clients’ eyes are fully closed, many lash professionals use the ReflectorTM. This small, hand-held mirror gives you a 360° view of your client’s eyes and lashes to ensure the eyelids are properly sealed. 

If you’ve checked that your clients’ eyes are sealed and they’re still experiencing redness and itchiness, try switching to NovaLash’s Sensitive Eyes Lash Glue. Made with a low-fume, non-irritating formula, this gentle lash adhesive is perfect for your most sensitive clients.  

Reaction 2: Irritated Under-eye Skin

The Cause: 

This reaction often occurs when lash artists use medical tape to hold down the bottom lashes. If the skin where you placed the tape is irritated or red, your client likely has skin sensitivities. 

The Solution:

Try using Gel Patches to hold down the bottom lashes instead of tape. Patches require the least amount of adhesive to stick to the skin. The patches also cool, soothe, and smooth under-eye skin, which can help combat irritation or redness. 

Reaction 3: Irritated Eyelid Skin After Eyelash Extensions

The Cause: 

If the skin of your clients’ eyelid is irritated, swollen, or red, you may have placed the extension too close to the base of the natural lash. 

The Solution: 

Lash extensions should be placed about 1mm away from the skin. If you place extensions closer to the natural lash line, they may rub against the eyelid skin and cause irritation. To avoid irritated eyelids, carefully place each extension in the right place. Once you’ve completed your lash set, check each extension to make sure no bases are touching the skin.  

By following the NovaLash procedure and using a variety of lash extension tools, you can prevent your clients from experiencing negative reactions. For more tips and tricks on how to perfect your lash extension technique, reference the NovaLash textbook. Filled with information on safety precautions and application tips, you’ll learn how to apply lash extensions more quickly and safely than ever before!