Why NovaLash’s Adhesive Saves Lash Artists Money

As a lash artist, one of your biggest expenses is lash extension glue. The quality of your adhesive determines how long your clients’ lashes last, how efficiently you can complete lash sets, and how often you’ll need to repurchase bottles of adhesive. As the only lash company in the world that offers biocompatible, medical-grade eyelash extension glue, NovaLash leads the industry when it comes to quality – but did you know that using NovaLash adhesive can save you money, too? Read on to find out how! 

NovaLash Extensions Need Less Lash Adhesive

The NovaLash technique includes adding drops of adhesive to NovaLash’s Parafilm sheets. When using NovaLash adhesive and parafilm together, you can use significantly less lash adhesive. The parafilm helps drops of adhesive retain their dome shape, which keeps the adhesive wet longer and can eliminate the air bubbles that cause adhesive to dry or not adhere properly. Since you get more out of each drop of NovaLash adhesive using parafilm, you should only need about four drops to complete a full set! This allows you to get the most out of each bottle, can help you eliminate adhesive waste, and reduces the amount of glue you’ll have to purchase on a regular basis.

Some NovaLash Adhesives Dry Slower…

One of the most common reasons adhesive can become so expensive is how quickly it dries, especially for new eyelash extension artists. While you’re still learning the ropes, it can be easy to go through lots of adhesive if it dries too quickly. To fix this problem, some NovaLash adhesives are specifically formulated to dry slower. A slower curing time allows you to spend the time you need to complete each set without wasting adhesive. If you find your glue dries before you can use it all, try NovaLash Platinum Bond® Lash Adhesive (available only to NovaLash certified stylists). NovaLash’s Original Platinum Bond® Adhesive cures more slowly, which gives you enough time to perfectly complete sets while using the minimal amount of adhesive.

…And Some Dry More Quickly

Seasoned lash stylists love adhesives with rapid curing times because it allows them to work faster and finish sets more quickly. For advanced lash artists, NovaLash offers Platinum Bond® High Speed and Royal Platinum Bond® adhesive. Both types of adhesive offer the same wear time as the original Platinum Bond® adhesive while allowing stylists to work more quickly. By shortening the amount of time it takes to apply a set, you can free up your schedule to take on more clients or squeeze in a lunch break.

Increase Customer Retention

Longer-lasting lashes mean you’ll create more satisfied customers. NovaLash products and techniques, paired with proper aftercare, allow Novalash extensions can last up to 8 weeks (four times longer than the next leading competitor). Satisfied, loyal customers are likely to keep coming back for years to come, which can greatly improve your bottom line. Plus, since you won’t have to provide infills as often, you can fill the rest of your schedule with valuable new clients and continue building your business.

Building your lash business means investing in the right products, attracting and retaining loyal customers, and saving money where you can, without sacrificing quality. NovaLash adhesive helps every lash professional efficiently create the longest-lasting, highest-quality lash sets in the industry, which sets you apart from the competition and positions you for success.