Why I Became A NovaLash-certified Lash Artist

Picture of Danica Duran

Whether you’re just starting your career as a lash artist or you’re looking for a new lash brand, it can be hard to identify which company will work best for you. To help you make this all-important decision, we sat down with Danica Duran, a lash professional in Las Cruces, New Mexico, to hear why she chose to become NovaLash-certified. 


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Lash Extensions Are A Lucrative Business

Danica is a licensed cosmetologist and has worked in the industry for over 7 years. While she originally focused on nail and skin care, she recognized that lash extensions were an up-and-coming industry that was becoming more popular every year. In 2018, Danica decided to take the plunge and become a lash artist. 

NovaLash Is Known For Top-Quality 

Danica received her original lash extension training from a different company. As she became immersed in the world of eyelash extensions, the name “NovaLash” kept popping up. After researching NovaLash’s high quality and speaking with NovaLash trainers and professionals, Danica could tell there was something special about the company and decided to see what it was all about.  

NovaLash Offers High-Quality In-Person & Virtual Training 

After going through the interview process and showing her credentials, Danica registered for her first NovaLash course in April 2020. Since COVID-19 had forced much of the country into lockdown, she took the London Volume Course exclusively online and noted the difference in NovaLash’s training. Unlike other companies’ training, which lacked personalized support, NovaLash’s trainers went out of their way to answer questions and address concerns. Despite the virtual format, the trainers were able to reinforce the precision of the NovaLash technique. In October of 2020, Danica had a similar experience when she attended the American Volume Course in person. In addition to getting hands-on practice with world-renowned trainers, she also learned more about the building blocks and foundation of NovaLash, which helped Danica thrive as a lash artist.  

NovaLash Creates More Satisfied Customers 

Since becoming a NovaLash-certified professional, Danica has seen a significant difference in her business. Her existing customers were thrilled as their retention improved and they could get lash fills every month instead of every two weeks. As a result, Danica had more time to take on new clients and build her business. In the end, Danica’s business became more successful – not only could she charge and market her lash extensions as a high-quality and luxury service, but she also had an increase in client referrals.

NovaLash Provides Unparalleled Support 

No matter where you are in your career, you’re bound to have questions. NovaLash is always available to troubleshoot or offer guidance to help you become as successful as possible. In addition, NovaLash offers marketing materials to help lash artists explain the NovaLash difference to clients quickly and easily. Between the ever-present support system and wealth of resources, the difference between NovaLash and other companies is night and day. 

NovaLash Offers Boundless Opportunities

Danica has already seen huge success in her first 6 months as a NovaLash-certified artist, and there’s boundless opportunities for growing her career. With various options for continued education, brand ambassadorship, and the opportunity to become a trainer, NovaLash offers long-term career support to lash artists. 


“To anyone considering becoming a NovaLash-certified lash professional, it’s worth it,” Danica says. “By investing in your career and your clients, you’re going to see more retention, happiness, and joy from your clients. There is no comparison between NovaLash and other companies – if we’re comparing apples to oranges, NovaLash is red velvet cake!”


If you’re interested in experiencing the NovaLash difference, explore our virtual and in-person lash extension training courses near you!


Special thanks to Danica Duran for providing NovaLash with this exclusive interview! 

Danica Duran