Online User Accounts/ Registration

Online User Accounts/ Registration

How Do I Register for a Professional Account with NovaLash Online

Call 713.520.5848 M-F 9am-6pm CST or go to
  • Depending on your qualifications, you may be approved for the following – See Chart 
  • What are the benefits of each user account with NovaLash – See Chart 

How to Maintain Your NovaLash Certified Account

NovaLash Certified user accounts must show an active purchase history for the account holder (stylist) to maintain their certification with NovaLash.
  • If a NovaLash Certified account holder has not performed NovaLash eyelash extensions for 2 or more years then the account holder (stylist) must pay for and attend a refresher course.
  • If a NovaLash Certified account holder has performed eyelash extensions using another brand, then the account holder (stylist) can email 3 before and after pictures to NovaLash or their NovaLash Lash Consultant for review. Depending on the quality of work presented, the stylist may be reapproved to purchase Platinum®️ Bond lash adhesive.
    • No refresher class necessary with approval
    • Approved to purchase Platinum Bond

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