NovaLash Stylist Listings

NovaLash offers a Stylist Listing to each of its Classic, Advanced American Volume, and London Volume Certified Stylists

Become listed on

  • I completed my Classic Certification Course before March 1st, 2018, or I complete Advanced American Volume training – How can I get listed?
    • Log in to
    • If you do not have a login, you can create one here –
    • Go to and scroll down to Stylist Listing and click “Request a Listing”
    • Choose which type(s) of account you are requesting. You can choose both if they both apply to you.
    • Carefully read the instructions for uploading pictures for approval to be listed and upload 3 before and after photos to “Add Media”
    • Enter in Your basic salon information.
    • Continue.
    • Let us know where you make your NovaLash product purchases.
    • Carefully read our Terms and Conditions for a Stylist Listing on (All listings are subject to approval)
    • Click the checkbox and submit
    • Your listing and account will be evaluated within 30 days.
    • You can now see your listing is pending. Here is where you can make edits before it is approved to be published. You can also return to and scroll down to Stylist Listing to edit your listing at any time even AFTER it is published.
    • Congratulations! We will email you when your listing is approved!
  • I used to have a listing and it seems to have been removed.
    • Emails were sent to stylists in 2017 warning stylists to claim their stylist listings. NovaLash has conducted mass data consolidation and this required stylists to connect their online user accounts to a previously posted listing or create a user account to do so.
    • If you missed this opportunity you can “Claim” your listing.
    • Login or create a pro account to and scroll down to Stylist Listings
    • Click “Claim an Existing Listing” and read the pop-up.
    • Click “OK” and choose the country or US state where your listing used to be.
    • You will now see all listings with a claim button in them.
    • Find your listing and click “Claim”
    • Carefully read the pop-up message. You must have the right to claim this listing. If so, press “Ok”
    • Your Listing has now been claimed! Congratulations.
    • If you cannot find your listing to claim, you may have had your listing suspended – See how to maintain a listing and what to do if yours has been suspended.

How to maintain a Stylist Listing on (T/C & Requirements)

  • NovaLash Stylist Listing Terms and Conditions: By submitting an application for a Stylist Listing, I acknowledge that I am NovaLash certified and authorized to perform cosmetology services in the location(s) that I operate. Knowledge of licensing requirements is the applicant’s responsibility. Application subject to approval. I agree that NovaLash may use my name, photos, and media that I submit, for use in, but not limited to,, marketing materials, PR, advertisements, manuals, books, and banners for any purpose, at any time, including internationally, without any fee or other form of compensation. Minimum Purchase Requirements I understand that at least 3 bottles of Platinum Bond/ High speed and 6 trays/novaMinx must be purchased from NovaLash or an authorized distributor throughout the calendar year.
  • What happens if my listing is suspended?
    • Failure to meet NovaLash terms and conditions or minimum purchase requirements may put your listing under suspension.
    • A suspended listing is still listed on but is no longer visible to the public. NovaLash also reserves the right to suspend or delete any listing do to misconduct, too many service complaints, improper or dangers misuse of professional products, misrepresentation of NovaLash Inc., or otherwise.
  • How can I lift my Stylist Listing suspension?
    • Listing accounts that are suspended due to inactive purchase histories may bring their account current again and their listing will be republished.
    • Stylists listings that have been deleted due to misrepresentation of the NovaLash brand or otherwise may have to re-request a listing on (Subject to approval)

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