Love is in the AirNova

NovaLash Global Master Trainer, Zachary Falb

The AirNova gives clients a 5-star experience at the end of their application. This drying machine incorporates air and water – which are both components to NovaLash’s adhesive drying process. Increase humidity by spraying moisture over the client’s finished set of lashes using the AirNova’s water tank. This increased humidity cures the Platinum Bond adhesive.

After setting and curing the lashes, dry them off in less than a minute with air from the AirNova. The AirNova allows stylists to use air pressure to perform a gentle massage around the brow bone, temples, and forehead that wakes the client up from their relaxing lash nap. The AirNova adds value to lash services by incorporating air and water therapeutic-like sensations at the end of service.