London Volume Online Training FAQ

London Volume Online Training

Criteria and Information

Who can sign up for the London Volume Online Class?

Stylists who meet the below criteria

  • Students must upload pictures of their volume lash work for approval
  • Must have a current Cosmetology or Esthetics License
  • Must be NovaLash American Volume certified OR have a Volume certification from an approved company by NovaLash

Please allow up to 3 business days for approval

*California – Please contact the Lash and Brow Academy to apply for London Volume Online Training –

*International – Please contact your regional NovaLash authorized distributor to apply for London Volume On line Training beginning this autumn 2019

(US) Stylist’s Cosmetology or Esthetics license as well as stylist’s volume certificate must be current


  1. NovaLash American Volume
  2. Other accredited volume course from a reputable lash company or education program

Who can purchase the London Volume professional products?

  • London Volume Extensions – Same rules apply as current NovaLash extensions, any licensed professional
  • STARlite Forceps – Same rules apply as current NovaLash tools, any licensed professional
  • Royal Platinum Bond – MUST be London Volume certified to be able to purchase. Classic and American Volume certification is not eligible to purchase RPB Adhesive, unless London Volume certified.
  • London Volume Kit – Only sold to a student signed up to take the LV online class. One kit per registered student. One kit per registration.

Who can purchase Royal Platinum BondⓇ?

  • Stylists who are London Volume certified can purchase Royal Platinum Bond adhesive, Platinum Bond High Speed adhesive, Platinum Bond adhesive, and Sensitive Eyes adhesive.

1 Royal Platinum Bond comes in each London Volume kit.

Students will not be able to purchase more Royal Platinum Bond until after they have completed their case study program and are LV certified.


  • Royal Platinum Bond
  • NovaLash STARlite Forceps
  • London Volume C-Curl .03 8mm
  • London Volume C-Curl .03 10mm
  • London Volume C-Curl .03 12mm
  • London Volume C-Curl .03 14mm
  • Adhesive Remover 3cc
  • Gel Patches (10 pairs)
  • 1 sheet of undereye stickers (14 pairs)
  • 1 sheet of parafilm (6 squares)

London Volume Kits will be shipped after payment and approval of a student’s application


  • The London Volume technique is the first self-learning course in the New NovaLash Academy Online hosted by
  • Qualifying volume certified artists can log in or create an account on and sign up and pay for London Volume Online training.
  • London Volume students will take the course entirely online with case study support after.
  • Students can learn at their own pace. The course auto-saves the student’s progress and the student can return right where they left off anytime – The course is not timed and can be completed any time the student chooses to.
  • The student can also return to the London Volume Course any time after the complete their training for future reference and to refresh their knowledge from the video based modules.
  • Students will be given comments and feedback of their submitted lash work during their case study program after online training.

*California – Please contact the Lash and Brow Academy to apply for London Volume Online Training –

*International – Please contact your regional NovaLash authorized distributor to apply for London Volume Online Training beginning this autumn 2019


  1. Sign into your account
    • Create an account if you do not have one.
    • Student taking the course must create their own account.
    • Account name must be the student’s name. Other persons besides the student, may not create an account for the student.
  2. Register for London Volume Online Training
  3. NovaLash will approve your current/uploaded volume certificate.
  4. Once approved, payment will be processed for LV class, LV kit, and shipping. Please allow up to 3 business days for approval of application.
  5. Kit will be shipped.
  6. You will be sent an email from to take the online class at NovaLash Academy.
  7. Create your password.
  8. Take the online class.
  9. Once class has been completed, the student will receive a temporary certificate from
  10. The student will be prompted to email 2 complete case studies.
  11. A minimum of 2 case studies must be completed and approved by NovaLash in order to be London Volume Certified.
  12. The official London Volume certificate will be issued to you via email.
  13. The student can print out their London Volume certificate and frame!
  14. The student is ready to give their clients beautiful and full London Volume extensions and can now purchase the complete London Volume product line!

Temporary Certificate (In-depth)

  • Please download your temporary certificate.
  • Email your temporary certificate to begin your case study review with Zachary Falb.
  • Complete a minimum of 2 case studies.
  • Upon completion of your case studies you will be:
    • Emailed your official certificate within 3 – 5 business days
    • Your stylist listing on will be upgraded
      • If you do not have a stylist listing, you can request one in your dashboard


Each student must submit at least 2 completed case studies upon completion of course. Each case study requires one model with 2 (different angled) before and after photos of the student’s London Volume lash work on the model. Student’s case studies will be examined and must be approved for London Volume certification to be issued. Certificate will be issued when case studies are approved. Additional cases studies may be required at the discretion of NovaLash. There will be a time limit of 14 days after student has completed the online course to email their 2 case studies. Comments and feedback will be provided to the student for success.


Training Fee is non-refundable after the student begins running the online class program on


$25 2-day one rate for London Volume Kits*


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