Life-Friendly Lash Series: Seasoned Beauty

Before and after of eyelash enhancement

As you age, you may notice that your lashes don’t have the same volume, thickness, and length as they once did. You’re not imagining things – as we mature, our eyelashes naturally begin to thin or grow slower. While you can’t reverse the aging process, there’s a healthy, safe way to preserve the appearance of your lashes and give your eyes a more youthful appearance: NovaLash eyelash extensions.

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NovaLash Doesn’t Damage Your Natural Lashes 

Many seasoned beauties are concerned that lash extensions will damage their already shorter or thinner lashes. All NovaLash products are created by cosmetic chemists with the sole purpose of never damaging your body. Additionally, every NovaLash-trained lash professional must go through a rigorous, physician-developed training course to learn how to safely apply lashes without causing harm to your skin, natural lashes, or eyes.  

Eyelash Extensions Make You Look Younger 

Lash extensions instantly give you a more youthful look. Extensions come in a range of curl types and lengths, so your lash professional can match you with a unique set of lashes completely tailored to your needs. Whether you opt for gravity-defying volume or a classic look, lash extensions will give you the appearance of wider, more open eyes.

Grow Your Natural Lashes While Wearing Extensions 

If you want your natural lashes to grow or become thicker, NovaLash offers a lab-tested, hormone-free serum that’s designed to revitalize hair follicles. Lash+doctor helps you strengthen healthy hair growth by nourishing the roots with natural plant extracts, peptides, multi-vitamins, and conditioners. Plus, Lash+doctor can be used daily while wearing NovaLash eyelash extensions, so you can still accentuate your eyes while letting the serum do the work.   

NovaLash Extensions Let You Wear Anti-Aging Products

Many mature women use anti-aging eye creams, which typically contain oil. Unfortunately, most eyelash extensions become weaker and fall out when exposed to oil, forcing women to choose between their lashes and their skin. NovaLash is different. NovaLash extensions are immediately oil-proof, which means you can enjoy the youthful look of lash extensions without sacrificing your favorite eye creams and makeup products. 

NovaLash Is Low-Maintenance    

NovaLash’s eyelash extensions mimic the look of eyeliner and mascara, so you can drastically shorten your beauty routine. Besides saving you time, lash extensions never run or flake off, which can accentuate crow’s feet or fine lines. Best of all, NovaLash is one of the only lash extension brands that are immediately waterproof, sweatproof, and oil-proof, so you can feel comfortable wearing them no matter where the day takes you. 

If you’re a seasoned beauty looking to accentuate your lashes and get a more youthful appearance, try NovaLash. With stunning results and products designed for health and safety,  NovaLash can help you feel confident at any age.