Lash Struggle Series: Can You Get Lash Extensions If You Have Sensitive Eyes?


There’s no question that eye sensitivities can complicate your beauty routine and make certain products off-limits. Luckly, lash extensions don’t have to be one of them! With the right lash artist and eye-friendly products, you can achieve the lashes of your dreams without irritating your eyes or skin. Read on to find out if you have sensitive eyes and discover why NovaLash  extensions may be the perfect solution for you. 

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Do You Have Sensitive Eyes? 

If you have sensitive eyes, they’re probably more watery and become irritated easily, especially when using various beauty products or being around cleansers or strong fumes. Finding the right products for sensitive eyes can be difficult and take some trial and error. However, just because you have sensitive eyes doesn’t mean you can’t get lash extensions – you just need to get the right ones. 

Do Lash Extensions Irritate Sensitive Eyes? 

A good lash professional will adhere your extensions to your natural lash without letting the glue touch your eye or eyelid. This application process makes eyelash extensions more comfortable for people with mild sensitivities since no glue will touch your skin. For people with extremely sensitive eyes, the fumes from regular lash extension glue may cause irritation, redness or swelling. In these cases, lash extension glue for sensitive eyes is used to ease discomfort and irritation. 

Best Eyelash Extensions For Eye Sensitivities  

NovaLash, the first and most awarded eyelash extension company in the world, is on a mission to make every individual look and feel their best. To make lash extensions accessible to everyone, NovaLash developed a fume-free, non-irritating lash extension glue for people with sensitive eyes. Unlike most other sensitive eye adhesives, which only last about 2 weeks, NovaLash’s gentle formula can last up to 4 weeks. Just like every NovaLash product, the sensitive eye adhesive has gone through rigorous lab testing and won’t damage your natural lashes. 

Benefits Of Lash Extensions For People With Eye Sensitivities

With NovaLash’s Sensitive Eyes lash glue, most people with sensitivities don’t experience irritation during or after the lash extension appointment. In fact, getting lash extensions may help you avoid using other irritating beauty products. With NovaLash, you can skip daily eyeliner, mascara, and removable false lashes, which can cause eye irritation. This means you’ll avoid daily irritants and save a significant amount of time putting on and taking off makeup.  

NovaLash-certified professionals are trained to protect the health of your eyes, skin, and lashes. With their expertise and the use of gentle NovaLash products, even those with sensitive eyes can experience the luxury and convenience of lash extensions. Find a qualified lash extensionist near you today!