Raylene Cravens

Phone: 4058435274
Email: [email protected]

Raylene Cravens

Oklahoma Proud Thank you for your interest in NovaLash Training classes. To register you must be a licensed esthetician or licensed cosmetologist.  

Over Nine Years Experience

I have over nine years of experience in the beauty industry. I am a licensed cosmetologist since 2008 and certified in many various services in the beauty industry. I’ve also had the experience of managing a high-end salon from 2010-2012. I was able to obtain my certification through NovaLash, and during that time I really focused on the lashes and perfecting my craft. March of 2013 while working in a high-end salon managing only my clientele, I was able to gain my certification with NovaLash for an advanced NovaLash artist. June 2015 I then became NovaLash American volume certified. I have an absolute love for lashes, so I decided to open my own Lash and Makeup Studio in June 2017, and all the while building my business with NovaLash. November 2017 I reached my ultimate dream of becoming a NovaLash Certified Trainer. After opening my studio, I realized just how much I love teaching my passion and inspiring others like the people before did for me. It’s NovaLash or Nothing for me!