Jacqueline Champagne

Email: [email protected]

Jacqueline first started lashing in 2005 and became trained and certified by Novalash in 2010. It was then that her passion and love for eyelash extensions bloomed and blossomed when she saw how the art of Novalash eyelash extensions could absolutely change a person’s day to day life by giving them extra confidence and even just shortening the time that they have to spend on themselves in the morning so they can spend more time just enjoying life beautifully. Jacqueline’s passion for beauty and art combined with love and understanding of people, a listening ear, and a sharp eye has helped mold her into the eyelash extensionist she is today. Grateful for an incredibly rewarding job and thrilled that she can now give back and help others give the gift of beauty.

Class/course description:

Classes will be held in Portland Maine. There is limited reserved parking at our venue if those spaces are taken up you will have to find street parking so be sure to arrive early enough to find a spot for class. Class will begin at 10:00am and end at 6:00pm. We will break at 2:00 pm. There are lots of places around with great food so you are welcome to go out or bring your own lunch. Please, bring your live model, Novalash business in a box, and a notebook with a pen or pencil.


When Jacqueline isn’t lashing she enjoys spending time with her two amazing children, Partner, and two dogs in midcoast Maine. Health, wellness, fitness, the outdoors, and family are her passions.