How To Promote Your Lash Business This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is a crucial time for any business, especially lash artists in the beauty industry. Not only do your clients want to look and feel their best, but they’re looking for ways to pamper their loved ones with beauty services, too! To help you capitalize on this important season (while still making time for you), read our tips for promoting your lash business during the holidays.

Plan Your Holiday Hours 

As the holidays come closer, take a look at your schedule and consider your holiday hours. Are you planning to take some days off? Are there days you could offer extended hours to improve your sales? Make a clear schedule so you can maximize appointment times while balancing your own vacation time.  

Pre-Book Your Current Clients 

Once you know your schedule, encourage your current clients to pre-book during the holiday months. Be honest and let them know how busy you’ll be. You can also give loyal clients priority booking, which will make them even happier with the services you provide and ensure their beauty needs are taken care of during the busy holiday season.  

Offer Gift Certificates 

A beautiful set of eyelash extensions is the perfect gift. Print up some gift certificates (you can make them yourself or find a template online) and put them in a beautiful display in your salon. Your clients may want to buy them for their friends and family, so having them on hand is a great way to promote your business. 

Promote Your Services To New Audiences 

Once you’ve created your gift certificates, promote them to new audiences. Men looking for gifts for their daughters, wives, mothers, or girlfriends are a great audience to target during this time. Consider running a few social media ads aimed at men, or place fliers in public places to help spread the news. 

Upsell Lash Products 

Beauty supplies are a great gift option around the holidays. Encourage clients to buy products (for themselves or their loved ones) by creating eye-catching displays around your salon. 

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Consider A Collaboration

If you specialize in lash extensions, consider teaming up with a hair or beauty professional with a different area of focus. Promoting each other on your social media channels is a great way to reach a brand new audience. You can even offer joint holiday packages to help prepare clients for the holiday season. 

Making the most of the holiday season can help your lash extension business gain clients and boost profits just in time for the new year. By following these tips, you can carve out time for yourself and help your business thrive. Looking for more tips on how to grow your business? Check out NovaLash’s official blog