Glamour All the Way

Lashes and Hair by Raylene Cravens
Makeup by Ericka McCoy

Yes, we get it – It’s the season of giving, but what about you? After all, how can you help someone else, if you haven’t helped yourself? Tis the season to wear lash extensions, and how could we forget the holiday parties! So, treat yourself toa fantastic lash artist. Raylene Cravens, NovaLash Brand Ambassador, Trainer, and owner of LASH by LASH Studio, knows how to kick up the glam for the season’s festivities. Whether it’s a modern fairy-tale spin on Mrs. Claus or a golden goddess for the New Year, take inspiration from one of the most creative in the business – Shante, you Sleigh.

Mrs. Claus

“With the holidays approaching, I have many clients wanting to amp up the drama of their lashes for upcoming parties and festivities,” Raylene says. This time of year is the perfect time to transition a client from Classic novaMinx™️ extensions to American Volumizing extensions,” Raylene continues. “The volumizing lashes add extra fullness and perfectly complement holiday makeup looks. Lash extensions also save precious time during the hustle and bustle of the season!”

Raylene loves the holiday season and believes it’s the right time for more volume and more drama. “Feeling festive, we transformed our client into a modern-day Mrs.Claus,” says Raylene. “This particular set of lashes was a 3-week infill ofNovaLash’s novaMinx™️ Mix [we transitioned] to American Volume®️ C-curl .05 8,10, 12 and 14mm. We created a fuller look in the lashes and topped them off with beautiful green eyeshadow to transform her into a glamorous and festive Mrs. Claus. – adding eye gloss to highlight her lashes!” – Raylene says. “Mrs. Claus’ look could not go without a pop of red on her lips to kiss Santa under the mistletoe.” 

Lash Dreams Come True

New Year’s Eve Gold 

The idea of ringing in the New Year to Raylene is “glamour” all the way. “[As] women, we envision glamorous, show-stopping beauty for ourselves,” Raylene says. “With that in mind I wanted to create a dramatic fantasy look – sexy smoky eyes with gorgeous lashes,” Raylene explains. “What woman doesn’t want gold all over her, hair-to-toe?”

Raylene brings fantasy to life in her work. She creates concepts “hair-to-toe” beyond the lashline. “What better way to bring in the New Year than with gold sparkles and luscious lashes!” – Raylene says.

Lashes and Hair by Raylene Cravens
Makeup by Ericka McCoy

No matter the event, finding a certified NovaLash artist should be on your agenda this year. Artists like Raylene live and breath lashes. To her lashes are a form of art and she proves that with her work in her salon, Lash by Lash. So, don’t miss out this year. Go to Find-A-Stylist, because your lash dreams don’t have to be on your wishlist, they should be on your to-do list.