Case Studies

NovaLash Case Studies

What are NovaLash Case Studies

  • The NovaLash Case Study Program ensures that all students of NovaLash Classic and Conversion courses thoroughly practice the skills they learned in their NovaLash Seminar with professional online support and guidance from their trainer.This program verifies that each student fully understands the techniques and skills required to perform eyeleash extension procedures for the public using NovaLash professional products with the endorsement of NovaLash Inc.
  • Professional “Student” accounts are able to fill out their shipping information for their FREE certificate print, denote how they would like their name to appear on their NovaLash Lash Extensionist Certificate, fill-out their State License number (if applicable), and upload before and after photos for 5 separate Case Studies.
    • The first Case Study will require 3 before and after images and a comment to trigger a notification to your trainer.
    • Each separate Case Study will have to be approved by the trainer of the student’s class before moving on to the next case.
    • Each separate Case Study will require new before and after picture uploads. All 5 Case Study interactions will populate in the same Case Study log for the student to see and the trainer to review.
    • At the end of the 5th Case Study, the trainer can “Approve All” Case Studies or ask for a sixth Case Study upload from the student.
    • Once all Case Studies are approved the Case Study log is given a final review by a member of NovaLash corporate, and a certificate for the student is printed and mailed within 2-3 weeks delivery time.

How to Complete Case Studies

  1.  Using the account you created to apply for the class, log in to
  2. A red screen will appear on you My NovaLash page. Click it to begin your Case Studies. Please note The first time you visit after class you will be offered 10% OFF your first purchase on if you complete a trainer evaluation pop-up.
  3. Get Started – Fill out the certification and salon information form.
  4. Next, carefully read the instructions for Case Studies.
    • Upload at least 3 images of one set of lashes you have recently completed.
    • Add a comment to notify your trainer that your case is ready for review.
    • Your trainer will provide guidance and critique.
    • Check back frequently to respond to comments and submit new cases.
    • When all your Case Studies are approved by the trainer, a member of NovaLash’s Education department will review and request that your certificate be created and emailed to you. – Click “I Understand”
  5. Upload 3 before and after images.
  6. Write a comment and click “Comment” to send
  7. Writing and sending a comment will trigger a notification to the trainer to review your case.
  8. You will see this note for confirmation that your trainer has been notified to review your case.
  9. This message will be emailed to your trainer.
  10. Practice and return to and to your Case Studies to upload new cases until your trainer approves all.

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