5 Target Groups to Focus on in August

Before summer ends, target these clients.

Story by Jessica Baird of Color Pins Curls
When is the best time for clients to get eyelash extensions? To make this simple for everyone, the answer is anytime. That is the best part about NovaLash Eyelash Extensions, they are perfect all year round in all climates! But how can you encourage clients to treat themselves to eyelash extensions during the heat of the summer? When should they take the plunge? Focus on events! Book your clients up to a week prior to events so there is time to address any of your client’s concerns. Events can range from explaining why a bride can make her wedding easier (getting the oil-proof and instantly waterproof Platinum® Bond Series adhesives & extensions applied) to gifting them to show how proud you are of someone heading into their first year of college. Here are 5 target groups to focus on before events:


Always the top choice for lash stylists, brides can take the mascara issue out and look fabulous in every picture. All brides want one less worry leading to the big day. Bridal shows and networking with bridal companies is a great way to get your name out there. Lashes by Victoria Schlueter

Fierce Freshmen

College means ceremonies and parties. Why not encourage clients to be photo ready for all thier events? Lashes by Zachary Falb

Concert/ Festival Fanatics

These festivals last multiple days. Take the makeup step out to make sure clients don’t miss a beat. Lashes by Zachary Falb

Trip Traveler

From camping to taking a week off in Mexico, clients won’t worry about where they packed mascara or taking out time to fix their makeup. SHE READY! Lashes by Zachary Falb

Pageant Princesses

They always love the drama and the fullness. On stage or not they want to always be photo ready. Who can blame them wearing a title 24/7? Getting into this high-profile group is a sure way to keep your books busy. See reaction pictures of Miss California’s first time receiving lash extensions. Lashes by Justine Ivaldi
If you want to grow your clientele, reach out to people in these areas, give out some top quality work, and educate them how NovaLash’s award-winning Platinum® Bond Series adhesives are oil-proof and instantly waterproof to make sure their extensions are always perfect while maintaining healthy natural lashes. Find a Class or a NovaLash Certified Stylist Near You!