10 Questions Our Lash Extension Trainers Hear Most Often

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NovaLash training classes are the only physician-developed courses in the industry, and new lash artists learn highly technical and meticulous processes that will help them give their customers a perfect set of lashes, every time. With so much knowledge delivered in every course, our expert trainers are used to receiving some follow up questions as new members of the NovaLash family perfect their craft. To share this knowledge with the entire NovaLash team, we’ve asked some of our trainers (who are also 2020 Brand Ambassadors) to share the questions they hear most often after students complete their training.

1. How do I avoid wasting adhesive?

Place adhesive drops on Parafilm rather than on an adhesive ring, crystal, or jade stone. Parafilm actually holds the adhesive in a dome shape and keeps it wetter longer, allowing the stylist to use the entire drop of adhesive. It also helps the adhesive to perform at its maximum levels.

2. Which adhesive should I use?

Active NovaLash Certified Lash Stylists get access to all of the NovaLash Platinum Bond adhesives, and many new lash artists wonder which adhesive is best for them. Each adhesive is a different consistency, and our trainers recommend you test each adhesive to see what you like and don’t like. Some lash stylists prefer Platinum Bond, while some prefer Royal Platinum Bond. Depending on your schedule, you may even switch between several adhesives throughout a given week.

3. Why won’t my adhesive work?

There are several reasons why your adhesive isn’t working as expected, and most issues can be solved by addressing potential issues from a scientific approach. The main ingredient in the adhesives, Cyanoacrylate, is very effective, yet very sensitive to its environment. If your adhesive isn’t working as expected, check the humidity level, temperature, and ambient ammonia levels in your workspace. These factors affect the drying time, adhesion process, and the longevity of the bond between the natural lash and the extension. To prevent adhesive issues, check the humidity and temperature of your workspace and note how different levels affect the viscosity of the adhesive. Once you determine which levels give you the best results, aim to meet those levels each day.

The issue of ambient ammonia is a little more difficult to monitor and control. If you’ve ruled out humidity and temperature issues, look into air purifiers that remove fumes from the air, rather than just particles. If you work in a salon with hair stylists, work behind a closed door as far away from the hair stylists as possible. This will limit the ambient ammonia in the air and give you better results.

4. Which curl should I use?

Most students aren’t sure about which curl to use on a natural lash after they start their case studies, and a lot of students are immediately attracted to C and D curls for the drama. However, the first factor in choosing the right lash extension is the natural lash. For clients with straight natural lashes, use a B or N curl to show off the length from the side profile. If a client has curlier natural lashes, use C or D curls – but be sure to ask the client what look they’re going for, as using these curls may be too much drama for every client. Students should also consider the client’s natural lash health when deciding the diameter and length of extension to apply.

5. Why can’t I get lashes as full as you?

It’s all about those 8’s! Many trainers create lash sets using about 40% of 8mm. 8mms are what give you fullness and the thick lash line everyone so desires. Even if the natural lashes are longer, you can still apply 8mm for the fullness. Besides supporting the longer extensions, 8mm lashes also help to prevent tangling.

Another common reason could be that you’re not bonding every lash. Remember the motto “No lash left behind”? After your last separation, make sure to check that every single lash is bonded. If you find a few that aren’t, fill them in with 8mms.

6. Why does it take so long to apply a full set of lashes?

In order to train all those little muscles in your hands, you have to practice daily. If you can’t commit to regularly practicing after training, you’ll take twice as long to gain the muscle memory needed to complete sets in 2 hours or less. Make sure to stretch your hands, especially during your case study period. After you practice and find your technique and preferred room settings, you will find yourself becoming faster. And don’t rush – that’s how you pick up bad habits.

7. My client wants thicker lashes. What should I do?

Never apply a heavier lash extension if you know it will damage the natural lash. This is a perfect time to retail Lash+doctor to your client. Educate your client on the importance of using the product regularly, and suggest they use it until their next appointment so you can see if their lash health has improved. If it has, determine if the natural lash can handle an upgrade. If not, be honest with the customer and suggest they continue to use Lash+doctor. No matter what, avoid the temptation to put on a heavier extension if you know the natural lash can’t support it. 

8. How can I get lash pads and stickers to stay in place and not move?

To ensure proper placement of the pads and stickers, make sure there aren’t any gaps between the top and bottom lids by looking at the client from the front. Additionally, ask the client to refrain from drinking caffeine at least 4-6 hours prior to their appointment. During the appointment, create a relaxing environment and ask your client not to talk with their hands, squint, chew gum, or make a lot of facial expressions, since this may cause the pads to move.  While this seems like a lot to ask, over time, you’ll find ways to train clients from the start so in the future, you won’t have any issues with the movement of the pads and stickers.

9. How can I find models for case studies?

Ask for your patient friends or family members to be your first models, since they’ll have to lay still for around 3 hours. Most importantly, choose people who will give you honest feedback. It’s important to know when there is an issue so you can correct it to prevent other models from having the same issue. For example, if they let you know that their extensions fell out within 2 days, you’ll know you may have not applied enough adhesive and can apply more going forward.

To find more models, offer free sets to your friends who work in the service industry. Then, let your model be a free walking advertisement for you. This helps get your name out when people ask them about their lashes. Always educate your models so they can share the information with their friends.

10. What is the Brand Ambassador program?

The Brand Ambassador program is a team of lash stylists from all over the world, chosen through an application program and a judging panel. Brand Ambassadors attend that year’s LASHoff events, including a Brand Ambassador conference and the LASHoff award ceremony. There are a ton of great perks to becoming a Brand Ambassador, including social media coaching. With their lashing skills and credible knowledge of the industry, Brand Ambassadors become the leaders of the lash industry.

Special thanks to our trainers that provided these questions and answers. As 2020 Brand Ambassadors, they’re here to share their knowledge and help each member of the NovaLash family reach their full potential!

Michelle Mirizio

  • Lash Studio: Let’s Talk Makeup Studio
  • Location: West Palm Beach, FL
  • Instagram: @michellemirizio

Mona Kent

  • Lash Studio: The Face Boutique       
  • Location: Rocklin, CA
  • Instagram: @thefaceboutique1