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June – Eye Lash

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Congratulations to Marilyn Burr of Beyond Beauty Essence ( Our Southern California Brand Ambassador) for having the chance to lash the biggest VIP in the eyelash business – Alexa Sherman, the editor of EyeLash Magazine!

Please see page 10 where Alexa talks about her experience in her coveted Editors Letter.

Don’t miss page 6 noting that our own Sophy Merszei on the Prestigious Advisory Board of EyeLash magazine.  An honor bestowed due to her extensive knowledge of the industry, products and trends.

Page 16 highlights our Lymes Challenge – Lyme Away!
Page 18 features  “Brand Ambassadors Named” with a photo in the Private Eye Inside Story Section
Page 20 features Paige Connor who was trained by NovaLash and was a trainer for 5 years –
Her Successful story is featured Hot Spot – My Space
Kudos again to Sophy – Page 24 dedicated a third column to “Science School” where Sophy addresses Great Lengths
Page 26 Master Class again features Sophys answer to the question:  Can a client with short fine eyelashes ever get a dramatic look?
Novalash’s training  is mentioned in “Get Schooled” on page 32
On page 40 – “Hot Summer Services” Novalash Platinum Bond is mentioned as the sweat-proof and water-proof glue
Don’t miss the “Did you Know” on Page 44 –
NovLash gets top billing on Page 48 – A full page feature on Lash Competitions called “Scoring Big”
Page 52 Highlights our 24 Hours Shadows “Forbiddden Fruit” in the “Summer Loving” feature
Page 62 puts Lash + Doctor at the top of the list of Sensational Serums
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June – Beauty LaunchPad


Check out NovaLash Features in the June issue of Beauty LaunchPad!

Page 64:  Beauty and Makeup:  NovaMinx ( Cute – Mink Wink)

Page 100:  News:  Sophy Names Lash Artists of the Year

Page 108:  American Volume Buzz Bin

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June – Dermascope

Dermascope MM June 2015

Check out NovaLash Lash OFF 2015 winners in the June Dermascope issue!

Please see page 17 – Take Note: NEWS Sophy Merszie, CEO and Founder of NovaLash announces Lash Off Winners